Ways to save content

Save virtually any link (articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos, Tweets, etc.) to Joggo

Newsletter summaries you can subscribe to

Our geniuses summarize newsletters as soon as they’re published

Subscribe within Joggo and we’ll automatically save the summary for you

Save from mobile

Joggo is currently available on iOS and as a web-app on desktop. 

Our Android app is coming soon!

Save from your computer

Save using our amazing Chrome browser extension

Other browser extensions coming soon

Save from email

Include the link you want to save in the email's subject line or body and send it to add@joggo.co

We will save the first URL we find in the email

Save from Twitter

Save single and threaded Tweets and view them in their intended look and feel

Save a Tweet:
Reply to any tweet with “@JoggoHQ save”

Save a Tweet thread:
Reply to the first tweet in the thread with “@JoggoHQ save thread”

View example thread