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How to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

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Three levers for accelerating digitalization projects will help organizations of any size reap the benefits of true transformations.

Our Study

  • Findings based on a two-year research study at one of the leading banks in Europe, which replaced its core banking system
  • Focused on the different teams across the unit’s core departments, the differences in their approaches to digitalizing their work with the new system, and their success
  • Conducted over 60 interviews with stakeholders at various levels of the unit and closely observed day-to-day operations

Key Findings

  • Complexity-in-use explains why learning and using a digital tool is easy and straightforward for users in one context and difficult and cumbersome in another
  • It led to vastly different digitalization journeys for different departments, even though they all used the same system for their respective tasks
  • Two dimensions explain this difference: system dependency and semantic dependency
  • Complexity-in-use is often overlooked in digitalization projects because those in charge think that accounting for task and system complexity independent of one another is enough

Three Levers for Accelerated Digitization

  • Conduct pre-implementation due diligence
  • Design a step-by-step transformation plan
  • Develop tailor-made transformation measures

Managerial Implications

  • Awareness of complexity-in-use provides valuable insights that help speed up digitalization and reveals three important implications for processes, projects, and people
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