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Your Life is (Almost) a Call Option

Byrne Hobart, Jack Wiseman
The Diff
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Options trading parallels life…

  • Volatility is not often thought of as a good thing
  • But in options trading, volatility, (not necessarily stock price) is what determines value of the option.
  • The same can be true of life particularly when “dealing with adversity”
  • Example: Bob Chapman crashed his motorcycle on the way to an interview.
  • His value went down, but volatility went up (he would be “the most memorable”)
  • However, playing this strategy can backfire, especially if you underestimate the possible downsides
  • Buying stock options without good research tends to be a losing strategy
  • Also, unlike options trading, the real world options are not consistently available, but few and far between
  • Also, the more you play the game, the more you can see that your current success is partly due to luck and this makes you less likely to risk once you are at the top.


  • Amazon’s thriving ad product and search capabilities were actually built to be able to defend against Google, who it was previously paying to direct shoppers to the products.
  • HNA, a Chinese “global conglomerate”, may hold insight into the fate of Evergrande.
  • HNA's “sudden collapse” is now being cleaned up by the CCP.
  • Most likely, the CCP will help Evergrande restructure rather than deal with the problem on an individual household basis
  • As Epic games moves towards the metaverse, it has made it’s “child safety services [free] to developers”
  • This is a smart move since Epic’s Fortnite is so large that it’s rules will drive the standard and will attract more users to the platform
  • Amazon is offering a “vaccination lottery” with cars and high dollar prizes
  • The theory is that vaccine hold outs are treating COVID like a lottery…sickness more common, death not likely. No big deal.
  • So Amazon hopes to tap into that thinking and reverse it. Winning is not likely, but it could be huge
  • In Venezuela, digital payments have become the norm driven by hyperinflation.
  • Venezuelans have a need to quickly complete transactions so the money is available now and also to switch currencies.

“Introducing Diff Jobs”…

  • After much discussion amongst readers and hiring companies, The Diff is offering a “job matching beta test”
  • A contact form is available to get reviewed and see where is your best fit
  • New roles/companies are being added (in case the current list available is not in your wheelhouse)
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