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Why social media is part of any successful product launch

Brian Peters
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Put social media on the top of your to-do list for a product launch: maximize your reach and results by connecting with the 2.3 billion active users around the globe. - Social media is a unique marketing channel that avoids the traditional requirements of website visitors, relationships with editors for publicity, and populated email list. - Be consistent with posting cohesive, high-quality content use data analytics to track and improve Social media is a necessity in your launch strategy and business toolkit:

Build pre-hype via product teasers

  • A “quick glimpse” of the product should generate buzz and curiosity.
    • It should be visually attractive and easily shareable. 
  • A model example is InVision with their product Studio: started with a Facebook announcement, followed up with an event invitation, then offered early access.

Target specific demographics

  • Advertising tools of platforms provide significant data for targeting audience, the ones likely to convert into customers.

Listen, converse, engage

  • Treat social media as a vehicle to build meaningful relationships with potential customers and forward momentum of product’s reach.
  • Netflix is known for responding in a playful manner and having fun with their audience.
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