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Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

James Clear
James Clear
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The Logic of False Beliefs

  • Truth and accuracy are not the only things that matter to the human mind. Humans also have a deep desire to belong.
  • In many circumstances, social connection is actually more helpful to your daily life than understanding the truth of a particular fact or idea.

Facts Don't Change Our Minds. Friendship Does

  • Changing your mind is like changing your tribe
  • Integrate someone into your tribe and they can change their beliefs without the risk of being abandoned socially

Spectrum of Beliefs

  • Most frequent learning occurs from people who are nearby on the beliefs spectrum

Why False Ideas Persist

  • Bad ideas continue to exist because people continue to talk about them
  • The more you talk about a bad idea, the more persistent it becomes
  • Feed the good ideas and let bad ideas die of starvation

Argue to Learn, Not to Win

  • Criticizing the other side isn't the best approach to change minds
  • Be a curious, intellectual explorer

Be Kind First, Be Right Later

  • Don't get so caught in winning you forget about connecting
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