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Whose Money?

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Joi Ito

  • Joi Ito is an investor that has a distinguished portfolio including Twitter, Path, and Flickr. He is known as an angel amongst the community with over 50 investments.
  • Joi Ito, however, resigned after being discovered as an investment vehicle for Jefferey Epstein to invest his funds in different companies
    • Occurred after Jefferey’s 2008 indictment
    • Appears the funds may have been actively hidden 

Venture Capital and foreign funds

  • The bigger story is that the world’s biggest venture capital firms are no stranger to turning a blind eye in terms of who is donating the money
    • When Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in connection to Saudi Arabi it was found that many venture capital firms had Saudi ties
    • Individuals like Peter Thiel, Sam Altman
  • At the time of the Saudi incident, people speculated things may change, but anonymous backing of funds still continue from all individuals involved in the Saudi scandal
  • A solution to this issue may be direct pressure from entrepreneurs 
    • Founders should be willing to ask investors uncomfortable questions
    • Too often the elite get by with these morally hazardous passing because the mainstream does not ask enough questions
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