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When Fear Is a Competitive Advantage‚ 4 Steps to Make It Work for You

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First Round Review
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Learn critical mindsets around fear to experience breakthrough self-discoveries, innovation, and creativity.

  1. Understand Your Relationship to Fear
    1. Fear is a raw emotion that happens instantly to ensure your survival and safety.
    2. Anxiety stems from anticipating future threats based on your imagination or trying to avoid painful past experiences based on mental projections.
    3. Realize that emotional intelligence is an essential skillset for entrepreneurial leaders.
  2. Uncover the Sources of Your Anxiety
    1. Anxiety is the fear of more fear and is fueled by attachment and the need to control things around you to keep your reality known and safe.
    2. The three main sources of fear are the culture of scarcity, the culture of aversion, and the culture of unworthiness.
    3. Identify your fears and attachments, then make abundance a habit, learn to reject the culture of aversion, and develop an unshakeable sense of worth.
  3. Move from Fear to Desire
    1. Every fear is mirrored by a desire.
    2. Become more aware of the connection between your fears and desires.
    3. Practice understanding what your anxiety is trying to tell you and shift toward consciously pursuing your creative desires.
  4. Practice Fear Melters
    1. Recognize common physical experiences that indicate a fear reaction such as sensations in the belly, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and even accelerated speech.
    2. Some simple actions that can jog you out of paralysis and into presence include breathing, moving, and matching (the experience).
    3. Engage in mindfulness practices to sharpen and tune your attention muscles to recognize and catch feelings of fear and anxiety early and let them go.
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