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What Obama's Tech Startup Has to Teach About Adaptability

First Round Review
First Round Review
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U.S. Digital Service’s (USDS) CMO Janine Gianfredi offers all startup professionals a clearer window into what adaptability means and how you can cultivate it in your own companies and careers.

  • Isolate the qualities of adaptable individuals.
    • Optimistic with a strong sense of self-belief.
    • Stubbornness as manifested in an unwillingness to give up.
    • Supportive of others which cultivates trust.
    • Gravitate toward diverse teams.
    • Practice things in their personal lives.
  • Build teams that find constant change to be exhilarating.
  • Enemies of adaptability include hierarchy, conflating process with bureaucracy, and saying nothing/not asking questions after “no.”
  • Create an environment in which adaptability thrives.
    • Have great documentation of what goes wrong.
    • People ask questions at inappropriate times because they feel comfortable enough to do so.
    • Give employees ample opportunities to stretch their minds outside of work.
    • Have values that point to the next step and keep everyone moving forward
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