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What Monzo Learned From Scaling its Lending Team

RIchard Cadman
Mind The Product
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Develop a culture that aims to motivate and empower people to make good decisions at speed, without having to ask for permission.

Create ownership by defining a vision with your team

  • A clear team goal will help people understand how their work contributes to wider company objectives.
  • An inspiring vision explains what your product or service aims to do for users.
  • Both give people a reason to get up in the morning and feel proud of their work.

Create ownership with autonomous squads around independent levers

  • Reduce complexity by breaking down goals into independent levers. It turns a vague goals into an equation.
  • Improve focus by organizing people into squads that own one or more levers, to limit¬†the number of things people need to worry about.
  • A clear measure of success for each squad makes the goal tangible.
  • Squad autonomy means people know that no one else will make decisions or do the work for them.

Create frameworks and processes, not roadmaps

  • Set the expectation that product managers won't always make decisions for the squad.
  • Product managers should generate ideas and be the voice of the customer.
  • Bin the roadmap. Focus on processes, frameworks and questions instead.
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