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What Is Product Marketing?

Ada Chen Rekhi
Ada Chen Rekhi
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The role of the product marketer in accelerating product growth:

Championing the Customer

Product marketers coordinate customer research to validate key product hypotheses, such as PMF. 1. Before the product launch, define your ideal target customer through customer development interviews, market research surveys, and competitive analysis. 2. After the launch, sift through customer data to provide actionable recommendations for your dev teams. 1. What is the general sentiment of the product on social media?

Communicating Product Value

Product marketers define product pricing by working with product and finance teams. 1. Before the launch, help your team understand the customer, their motivations and pain points. 2. After the launch, own the expression of the product’s messaging throughout the website and marketing materials.

Driving Product Distribution

Product marketers work with online marketing to assess media buying. - Create a comprehensive list of many potential channels and begin executing on them. - Builds a perspective on where customers spend their time. - Allows teams to assess the feasibility of a channel.

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