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What every product manager should know about AB Testing

James Copeman
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As a product manager, one should understand the following about A/B testing.

Types of testing

  1. A/B Tests – Directly compares one user experience to another
  2. A/B…N Tests – Comparing multiple variants of user experiences
  3. Multivariate Tests – Testing multiple variables in one test

Analyzing results

  • Traffic is important for measuring the difference in behaviors across users
  • Most changes will result in small changes in outcomes
  • Larger sample sizes filter out random variation

What to measure

  • Frame a hypothesis with an “if,” “then,” and “because”
  • A primary metric should be highlighted by the “then” clause
  • Secondary metrics are important but may not provide the significant answer to whether a variant is better
  • Insignificant or negative results are not bad; they indicate the test was able to prevent the implementation of a negative functionality
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