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Using case studies to tell your story for you

Sara Yin
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Elements of a Case Study

  1. Protagonist: relatable customer from an aspirational company
  2. Tension: a portrait of their workflow and challenges before the product
  3. Resolution: how the customer solved the problem with the product

Who Should you Profile?

  • Find profiles similar to those you are selling to
  • Look for sources of positive feedback 

What Should you Ask?

  • Protagonist questions
    • What does your company do?
  • Tension questions
    • How did you start using the product?
  • Resolution questions
    • What makes our product a good fit?

Where does a Customer Story Live?

  • Best areas are sales and marketing teams
  • Follow the customer’s journey to build a story

Crossing the Chasm

  • Customer stories are often dismissed as formulaic work
  • Appreciation for customers is key in building the product
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