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Use This Equation to Determine, Diagnose, and Repair Trust

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The Trust Equation as a Solution to Conflict Resolution in a Professional Setting

Lack of trust can be a major obstacle in business settings, especially startups. The trust equation shows how to recognize and resolve the problem of distrust. It can also be highly beneficial in the early stages of building one’s career.

Key Lessons from the Trust Equation

  • Credibility
    • Keep deadlines and commitments.
    • Do not fake confidence and be upfront about what you do not know.
    • Make it clear that you are trying to gain credibility through educating yourself on the subject matter.
  • Reliability
    • Be consistent in your quality of work.
    • Hold yourself accountable for both your mistakes and accomplishments.
  • Authenticity
    • Be willing to be authentic with your colleagues – share your motivations with them.
    • Stay in constant communication.
    • Attend social gatherings at work.
  • Perception of Self-Interest
    • Make it visible you are doing the work for the benefit of the team.
    • Give credit for others’ accomplishments.
    • Use collective language in a professional setting when talking about shared goals: “we,” “us.”
  • Tips on How to Repair Broken Trust
    • Promptly address the problem and initiate a conversation with the person.
    • Rather than talking with their manager, try to resolve the issue directly.
    • Be thoughtful, speak from your point of view, and provide specific examples.
    • Underscore the importance of the relationship and the value of the person you are addressing.
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