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Unity is Manifesting the Metaverse

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The Origins of Unity

  • Denmark, 2004: Joachim Ante, David Helgason, and Nicholas Francis start OTEE - later to become Unity
  • The idea for Unity was conceived so early that it was a "fundamentally bad idea" at the time - there was no use for it
  • This delay gave the team time to stumble around and build the product without competition

The Product

  • Facilitates a developer ecosystem, a blank canvas that allows users to make their own games, props, special effects
  • Helps developers build games through "Create Solutions" and monetize through "Operate Solutions"
    • Create Solutions: Unity Engine is a software that provides game creators with a set of features to quickly build games
    • Operate Solutions: monetizes games by plugging them into an ad network, integrates an in-app purchasing system, enables text and voice chat in games, etc.


  • Has yet to turn a profit, $541mm in revenue in 2019 and an annual growth rate of 42%
  • Serves 53% of the top 1,000 mobile games, 50% of games across platforms, and 93 of the 100 largest game studios by revenue

Expansion Plans

  • Unity cites its addressable segment of the industry at $12bn, rising to $16bn by 2025
  • Unity is seeking to expand to new frontiers, such as becoming a platform for immersive, interactive content (useful in industries like architecture and engineering)
  • For example, Unity already has brought onboard Volvo and Skanska as non-gaming clients, showing their ability to expand beyond
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