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A Summary of

Ubiquitous Veganism

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Obama and Cancel Culture

  • Former President Obama speaks out against cancel culture, particularly zeroing in on the role of social media in youth activism
  • Twitter banned political advertisements this week to theoretically prevent the spread of divisive content. Facebook may remove likes

Ubiquitous Veganism

  • The meat industry is contributing to the climate crisis, meat is not very good for us, and there are moral dilemmas at play when we kill sentient, intelligent creatures.
  • We need to find better meat and dairy replacements to remedy this.
  • 2019—the “Year of the Vegan” due to 25-34 year olds’ interest in going plant-based and expanding commercial acceptance. Platforms producing plant-based products will benefit—increasingly appealing opportunity
  • The rise of infrastructure businesses is likely inevitable, which will allow for more innovation

Gaming is greater than the music industry?

  • In 2019, $100 billion will be spent on gaming, while only $18 billion will be spent on music. New technologies are additive in the gaming market
  • Cloud gaming—some in the industry believe that cloud gaming’s impact has been exaggerated, but a16z owes its expansion in the sector to the technology and predicts that these games will achieve the amount of success as Facebook

Signs of the apocalypse

  • Research suggests that by 2050, many coastal cities including Shanghai, Alexandria, Ho Chi Min, and Mumbai, may be submerged in water
  • “Fancy Bear” hacking unit from Russia has infiltrated groups associated with the 2020 Olympics
  • Nvidia allows you to cut and paste your pet’s smile onto many other species

Ketamine therapy

  • Traditional medication for depression usually takes a long time to begin working and is not always effective
  • Ketamine is addictive, but can give bursts of relief in battles with depression/anxiety. The drug is growing in popularity for treatment of depression

Long tail

  • Video games are being used more and more for money-laundering
  • Google has made an offer for Fitbit
  • Soon, viewers will be able to watch Netflix at 2x speed
  • Uber Eats has been struggling, so they are planning on distributing drones that can deliver food even faster. Announced an “Uber Money” program
  • Technology allows small groups to attack viciously and potently. Will a surveillance state be the answer to this problem?
  • Australia’s plan to make sure that minors are not able to access pornographic content is facial recognition
  • Silicon gel can be used to stop wildfires?
  • “OK, Boomer” is Gen Z’s phrase to degrade out-of-touch elders
  • Rajeev Misra faces challenges in his career
  • A Chinese hitman hired a subcontractor who hired another subcontractor who hired yet another subcontractor, who contacted the police
  • A group in Oakland hopes to create a transparent manual for insulin creation
  • LIDAR could interfere with the windshield wipers of passersby
  • Link included to reading inspiration
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