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Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The Generalist is hosting two events with tech’s most original thinkers.

Scarcity and Abundance in Tech (Sunday, November 1st @ 2 pm ET)

As the internet has grown in scope and power, it has opened the door for an abundance of information and entertainment to be disseminated across the globe. While this treasure trove of information is alluring, humans also value scarcity, as it can set them apart from their peers. This event will cover how technology can adapt to satisfy these consumer wants. - Writers and thinkers that will be featured: Eugene Wei, Alex Danco, Julie Young, Julian Lehr - Topics: Dispo, MSCHF, Scarcity and status, Gift culture and scarcity

The Indie Researcher: Tools for Thought (Friday, November 6th @ 1 pm ET)

This event will take a look at the interaction between humans and technology, and investigate how better tooling might improve our cognition. - Researchers and industry personnel that will be featured: Andy Matuschak, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Adam Wiggins, Conor White-Sullivan, Kara Kittel, Toby Shorin - Topics: The errors of traditional thinking tools, Market leaders, Choosing fruitful research topics, Tools limiting thought, The future of thinking, research, and expression

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