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Trust your instincts or rely on procedure – when to design with intuition

Alex Potrivaev
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Why We Should Trust Our Intuition

  • Intuition can be developed by feeding more experiences and knowledge into it.
  • The accuracy of your intuition increases with experience.

Why We Should NOT Trust Our Intuition

  • Instincts can be flawed since they are full of biases and fallacies
  • Humans are overly confident
  • Our subconscious tries to make sense of the past through patterns and stories that could be wrong

Deciding When To Use Your Intuition

  • If the project is low impact (i.e., doesn't impact many customers or require a lot of internal collaboration) and you have high level of instinctive confidence, use your intuition
  • All other cases you should consider explorations
  • You should not be afraid of your intuition but you should not follow it blindly either
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