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Truly Great Products Are Built by People Who Say Yes

Jonathan (Jasper) Sherman-Presser
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Prioritization might prevent you from expending energy building the wrong thing, but it is not a guarantee that you actually build the right thing.

Say Yes

  • PMs are responsible for making sure the right thing gets built - something that creates value for customers and for the company
  • Prioritization is but one of the tools available to do so
  • The problem with putting prioritization on a pedestal is that it draws focus to costs rather than value
  • At best, prioritization causes us to think carefully about tradeoffs. At worst, it pushes us to the flawed assumption that making tough choices is a zero-sum game
  • By relinquishing some control, you open yourself up to possibilities that would otherwise never have been available
  • Truly great products, and truly great product organizations, are built by product managers who say yes
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