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A Summary of

To Drive Results, Focus on Performance, with Steve McKenzie

The Sales Engagement Podcast
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Performance vs. Results

  • Performance = the things you need to do to get results
  • Results = a natural function of performance
  • Focus on activities, efforts, and skills that will drive the desired result

Three Performance Measurements for Sales

  1. Attitude:
    1. Answer the question of "where am I on the path to achieve my goals?"
    2. Ensure that you want to be there and are motivated to do the job
  2. Activities:
    1. Look at all the things you want to do in an ideal week to make yourself successful vs. a realistic week; make time for non-negotiables
  3. Skills:
    1. Be an expert in your business
    2. Never stop learning

Philosophy of Losing

  • You don't learn from winning
  • You learn the most when you lose
  • Reflect on your loses to identify what you could have done differently to change the result
  • Be more vulnerable and take a continuous learning approach
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