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Time is not a measure of productivity

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Ness Labs
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As the pandemic has forced many companies to switch to remote work, passive face time can no longer be used as a measure of productivity. Instead of the hours of work, we should focus on the results.

The Dangers of Passive Face Time

  • Passive facetime: the practice of managers observing the amount of time their employees spend at work
  • Research has found that passive face time resulted in better perception from corporate managers
  • Time is a terrible incentive for productive work: someone who finishes their work faster gets penalized compared to a slower employee

Five Strategies to Stop Using Time as a Measure of Productivity

  1. Avoid unnecessary meetings
  2. Define productive goals
  3. Reduce repetitive tasks
  4. Focus on the 20%
  5. Be protective of your time
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