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A Summary of

Thwarting Apocalypse

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Averting the Horror Show

Here are some notes on the future, and actions we might take to avert such a time.  - A thought derived from Niall Ferguson on the future of money - The U.S. has been the financial leader of the globe for the better part of the last century, yet, with the rise of digital payments, China looks to assert itself as global hegemony.  - To compete with China, Ferguson feels the U.S. will need to develop a warmer embrace of cryptocurrency - Keep an eye on carbon offsets - The planet is in trouble. That’s been a known fact for well over 30 years but no extensive and comprehensive action has been taken as of late.  - Carbon offsets are a great way in which we can attempt to right the wrongs of our carbon-filled past.  - New companies have filled niches that help with the carbon offset process. Companies like Nori, Pachama, and the Regen Network set out to make the process more efficient and effective.  - China thinks the future of industry is robots - China is multiples higher than the next highest country in terms of installations of industrial robots.

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