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Three Paths in the Tech Industry

Michael Seibel
Michael Seibel
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Experience is useful but not necessary. - Pros - Work on and refine passion - Bring something novel to industry - Cons - Difficult to get started - Commitment interferes with relationships - Prerequisites: - Identify teammates with technical skills to build MVP - Create financial plan - Pick problem to solve - Have general idea for solution


Work at a rapidly-growing company if you want to stay for long and like responsibility, or at a well-known company to move diagonally up across companies. - Pros - Stable income and benefits - Prestigious title - Cons - Success may be impeded internally in company - Ruled by internal politics, sometimes corruption


Similar to an exec, join a fast-growing or well-established firm. - Pros - Stable income and benefits - Higher flexibility in workplace and hours - Cons - Insignificant opinion in major decisions - Less control on work subject

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