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This is How Coursera Competes Against Google and Facebook for the Best Talent

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Coursera’s Chief Product Officer John Ciancutti shares the principles and four phases that define a successful recruiting process.

Setting Up the Close

  • Think about closing the deal from the very beginning and throughout your interaction with every candidate.
  • Treat every candidate as the candidate until they are not.
  • The hiring process should be about relationship building.
  • Every touchpoint in every phase of your process should drive toward the result of closing.

Phase 1: Sourcing

  • Even if your company has internal or external recruiters, they should be considered supplemental to department managers.
  • Target companies that make the most sense.
  • Initiate as many conversations as you can.
  • The initial outreach should come from you to ensure it is personal and specific.
  • Screening generally includes a phone call and coffee in that order.

Phase 2: Coffee

  • Coffee creates a more casual conversational environment and is the perfect opportunity to go deeper on their personal motivations and past decisions.
  • If you are not enthusiastic, end the process immediately in person and explain why.
  • If you are still interested, phrase an interview in a low stakes and low risk way.

Phase 3: Interviewing

  • Make sure you are the first person to meet them onsite.
  • The structure and content of the interviews is the responsibility of the hiring manager.
  • In order to get the most out of conversations, you need great interviewers.
  • Track progress throughout the day and cut things off if it is not a good fit.
  • Let the hiring manager make the call, and hold them accountable for being right almost all the time.

Phase 4: Close

  • If you have conviction about a candidate at the end of interview day, you spend the next day closing.
  • When you truly believe your company is the best choice, do not hold back.
  • Talk through compensation and answer questions.
  • If you fail to close a candidate, your primary goal should be to understand the root cause.

Reflect on Your Results

  • Remember to discuss candidates and track their progress on a regular basis.
  • The overarching goal is to get better and better at hiring as a team as you grow.
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