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These are the seven deadly sins of product-driven founders

Parul Singh
Founder Collective
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Not moving past the product -founder fantasy

  • Many product-driven founders become more obsessed with building the product than focusing on market orientation.

Not testing willingness to pay (WTP) early enough

  • Test willingness to pay early in the product’s development.

Solving for user problem rather than buyer pain point

  • Focus on addressing the buyer’s perspective from the start.

Not knowing how long your sales cycle is going to be

  • Spend a few user testing cycles on understanding the buyer persona and use case.

Misunderstanding MVP

  • Distinguish the critical features from the nice-to-haves.

Not designing your company with adoption curve in mind.

  • Understand your sales cycle to more effectively spend and staff.

Not aiming for white space

  • Do not try to improve an existing product - focus on the user and where their pain is.
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