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The World After the Virus

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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11 Ways the Coronavirus Will Potentially Change Our Lives

  1. The Asterisk Season
    1. Sports leagues and their seasons have been greatly impacted, and what the future of sports and athletics looks like remains unclear.
  2. Quibi Breaks Out
    1. The company's April 6th launch may actually do well (and much better than past launch attempts) due to the increase of downtime and consequent activities needed to occupy this time as ushered in by the pandemic.
  3. Remote Voting Takes Center-Stage
    1. A reliable, scalable, and remote voting system is an imperative in the wake of the coronavirus.
  4. Wellness Fanatics Flee to Trusted Brands
    1. Brands such as Purell and Proctor & Gamble are proving their worth against trendier competitors.
  5. Doordash Delays, and Flourishes
    1. Food ordering has seen increases, but it may be that Doordash, like Uber and Lyft, is simply overvalued by private investors and still has the chance to make a graceful exit.
  6. Gig Workers Have Their "Great Upheaval" Moment
    1. Gig workers may never have more leverage than right now as Congress works to push a coronavirus relief bill.
  7. AVs Get Looped In
    1. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may earn appreciation for their unique capacity to protect humans from peril while keeping the system functioning.
  8. Production Bottleneck Recasts Oscars
    1. Many Hollywood release dates have been pushed or halted as a result of the coronavirus, but it may be an opportunity for Oscar and Emmy nominees to see more diversity and smaller projects take the stage.
  9. Manufacturing Decentralizes, Does Not Come Home (Yet)
    1. Whether manufacturing does reshore in the future may depend on how regular disturbances like COVID-19 become over the next few years and how well companies take precautions and make preparations to counter these disturbances.
  10. ESPN Embraces Esports
    1. With sports leagues frozen and 24 hours to fil, the network may have to give esports another solid chance.
  11. A Return to Religion
    1. Religion thrives in adversity,, and the coronavirus pandemic is no different, but we should be wary of tribalism, discrimination, and sectoral violence that so often accompanies religion at its core.
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