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The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No

James Clear
James Clear
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Not doing something is always faster than doing it. If doing something costs more than it is worth, simply saying "no" will make you more productive.

Why We Say Yes

  • We don't want others to see you as rude or unhelpful.
  • We don't want to ruin our relationship between family and friends.

The Difference Between Yes and No

  • When you say no, you are saying no to only one option.
  • When you say yes, you are saying no to every other option.
  • No is a decision.
  • Yes is a responsibility.

The Role of No

  • It can help you become successful.
  • Say no to whatever isn't leading you towards your goal.

Upgrading Your No

  • Opportunity cost increases as you become more successful.
  • Say no to previously good uses of time so you can make space for great uses of time.

How/When to Say No

  • If an opportunity is exciting enough to drop what you're doing, then say yes. Otherwise, say no.
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