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The Top 10 Deliverables of Product Managers

Sachin Rekhi
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The challenges of being a product manager are endless. This is a list of the most important deliverables for a project manager, broken down between vision, strategy, design, and execution.

Vision: Vision Narrative

  • Focusing on an elaborate vision and narrative rather than just a simple explanation proves more effective for team morale
  • Allows you to refine the storyline, inspire the team, and reach the ultimate goal

Vision: Product Walkthrough

  • Provide a picture or illustration of the vision for the final product

Strategy: Product/Market Fit Hypothesis

  • While a story is a good start, there still needs to be a way to implement the product and dominate the market
  • As you progress as a PM, you should be able to add more details to each key point of the hypothesis 

Design: Customer Discovery Insights

  • Product managers are solely responsible for leading discovery efforts that will shape the direction of the product
  • Find how to utilize customer feedback to discover insights

Design: Product Roadmap

  • Roadmaps are the most visible job of a PM because they dictate what gets built and when
  • Critical to focus on prioritization of the advancements and features

Design: Product Requirements

  • Forcing functions to think through the experience details of your new feature as well as communication for the stakeholders of your product
  • Should be tailored specifically to the organization and deeper than that the audience being communicated to

Execution: Metrics Dashboards

  • By providing assessments of daily and weekly metrics, working with the data team gives measurable results on progress and issues in the company

Execution: Team OKRs

  • By being clear with the team on goals for a specific time period, progress becomes clearer and comes easier

Execution: Decision Rationales

  • PMs are responsible for making decisions and finding solutions quickly, however big or small they may be, for their team

Execution:  Product Wins

  • Meeting the customers' problems is the ultimate goal of the product manager because without happy users there would be no product
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