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The Tax of New

Julie Zhuo
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The tax that comes with introducing any new feature into your product is high. - The cost of building and implementing the feature may be low but once it’s out there, it’s out there. Its existence will create more work for you, from dealing with bugs to having to consider killing it if it is unsuccessful

How to Add New Features

  1. Define a green light criterion, and test a small launch against it
    1. Launch a small test or beta to a tiny percentage of your audience and have a criteria in mind for whether/when you should launch it to everyone.
    2. Clarifying these criteria as early as possible lets you be more objective when the rubber meets the road
  2. Define a sunset criterion
    1. If launching a small test or beta is not practical or even possible, you have to come up with a set of criteria for when it would make sense to kill the feature or product
    2. Letting unsuccessful features live on in stagnation is far more insidious than ripping off the band-aid
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