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A Summary of

The Six-Billion Dollar Stare

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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An explanation of why The Generalist’s initial piece on compounders was removed from the website, and why it has returned in a revised form.

  • The Generalist published a piece on “compounders” or companies that grow double digits over an extended period.
  • The term was introduced to the authors by “Ana,” a Columbia Business School professor who is also a partner at the $6 billion hedge fund, Durable Capital.
  • After reading the article, Ana demanded it be taken down.
    • She claimed the authors used information proprietary to Durable.
  • When asked what could be done to remedy the situation (what needed to be changed/deleted), Ana struggled to articulate specifics.
  • After updating the article and adding necessary citations, the authors were greeted by hostility from Ana once again.
    • She claimed the article was largely plagiarized, and demanded the immediate termination of the project.
    • She threatened to take the matter to Durable’s General Counsel.
  • Durable’s GC demanded they rewrite the article.. then delay it… then send them all the sources and revisions prior to publishing.
  • The authors declined and the article was posted.
  • While Durable has the power to crush The Generalist, the authors held their ground because it is important to stand up to bullies.
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