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The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking

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First Round Review
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Executive coach to leaders at Facebook, Stanford, Airbnb, and Twitter (just to name a few) Katia Verresen grounds the concept of abundance in real tactics and actions anyone can use.

  • Abundant Thinking is the ideal attitude and is a mindset that gives you the creative agency and grit to reach your vision and design your own life.
  • It is important for entrepreneurs to maximize and exercise physical, emotional, and mental energy.
  • It is key to show people how to distinguish their experiences when they are in a scarcity-driven mindset and when they are thinking abundantly.
  • Verresen shares six practical tools to help you identify how you are feeling and trigger a different response that shifts you into abundance.


  • Abundance is your ability to see more in your life (e.g., options, choices, resources, etc.).
  • Humans are not biologically wired to notice things, so make a conscious effort to do so.
  • Make an abundant mindset and self-awareness habits you practice daily by letting go of boundaries and limiting beliefs.


  • Neutrality is the capacity to release judgements and assumptions to create new possibilities and reduce being blinded by limiting beliefs.
  • The more you suspend your judgment, the more you can learn and grow your power.
  • Acknowledge that reality is a mess, and one thing is never true for everyone.


  • Priming is engaging in an activity that boosts your emotional and mental energy such as sleeping right, eating well, exercising, and even looking at photos that make you happy.
  • It is critical in the morning and any time you feel yourself going into scarcity mode.
  • Humor, memories, soundtracks, movement, extroversion, and introversion are all ways to prime and recharge.


  • Resilience is the ability to self-soothe.
  • Self-compassion is correlated with much greater grit.
  • Take several self-compassion breaks during the day to gain emotional flexibility and resilience.


  • Know your personal currency because research shows that the most powerful and happy people are at the center of large networks constantly giving to their connections.
  • Form “giving circles” of friends and co-workers to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, and point out unseen opportunities with generosity and the understanding that there are no bad ideas.
  • Find mentors who can give you certainty.
  • Remember to appreciate others for observable and specific things.


  • Looking at your world through a lens of gratitude reveals what might be hidden right in front of you.
  • Take five minutes a day to focus on the good things that are happening right now.
  • Build gratitude in your life through regular rituals and habits.

Abundance at Scale

  • Doing something that moves you toward your goals every day gives you built-in resilience.
  • In every moment and interaction, you have the freedom to choose what you want to be like.
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