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The recipe for developing your career as a product designer

Paul Murphy
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Developing your product design career

  • Typical fork: management or individual contributor
  • Two ingredients for growth for individual contributors: results and behaviors


  • Results are the quality and impact of work¬†
  • Product should be valuable to customers, easy to use, and well crafted

Product design career development

  • Assessed on ability to work with people around you
    • Commit to doing things and follow through
    • Bring people together from multiple disciplines
    • Find opportunities to be impactful
    • Be a team player
  • Management involves hiring, retaining, and empowering
  • Leadership involves driving change for the better through inspiring, vision setting, and teaching

Behaviors of high performing product designers

  • Be goal oriented
  • Optimize for continuous progression
  • Be organized
  • Be an opportunist
  • Be a communicator
  • Be a collaborator
  • Live your values
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