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A Summary of

The Racecar Growth Framework

Dan Hockenmaier, Lenny Rachitsky
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Primary Lanes of Consumer Growth

  1. Performance marketing
  2. Virality
  3. Content

Step 1: Understanding how your product will grow

  • Think of business as a high-performance race car, you need:
    • Growth engine: drive majority of growth (ex: performance marketing, sales, etc.)
    • Turbo boosts: One-off events that temporarily accelerate growth but don't last (ex: PR, events, brand marketing campaigns)
    • Lubricants: Optimization to make growth engine more efficient (conversion, activation, retention)
    • Fuel: input required for engine to run (capital, content, users)

Step 2: Avoid these common pitfalls

  • Focusing on growth engines rather than turbo boosts
  • Mistaking turbo boost for a growth engine
  • Emphasis on lubricants when growth engine or turbo boosts are needed
  • Emphasis on new growth engine when lubricants are needed
  • Not understanding what type of fuel your business needs
  • Emphasis on things that are not aligned with accelerating the engine

Step 3: Put into practice

  1. Prioritizing roadmap
  2. Organizing teams
  3. Generating ideas
  4. Aligning stakeholders
  5. Setting goals
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