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The orange juice test

Des Traynor
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What is the purpose of the "Orange Juice Test?"

  • Helps to ensure you’re only talking to people well-equipped to solve the problem you have
  • Helps to avoid dodgy people / service providers who will promise the world, send invoices, and deliver mediocrity six months late

What does the test entail?

  • The Orange Juice Test has nothing really to do with orange juice. It’s just named after one particular application of the test in which it’s used to select a conference hotel based on whether than can meet an extremely challenging banquet request. But you can use the test for selecting any service.
  • The idea is to propose a task that's extremely difficult but possible then measure the candidate’s reaction. If they are defeatist (“That can’t be done!“) or deluded (“I’d code that in a weekend“) they fail. If they say "That’s a real problem. I can help you with it, … and this is how much it will cost," they pass.
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