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The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Crafting a Personal Brand that Stands Out From the Crowd

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Building a personal brand is part of your job

  • Communication through writing and public speaking can guide your leadership, career, and interviews
  • Becoming a speaker at conferences helps you learn more and gain inspiration
  • Access a wider candidate pool through conferences

Become the master of one domain by recycling and fine-tuning ideas

  • Factual: implement clear objectives and adequate evidence to prove your point
  • Friendly: make your presentation approachable through passion, anecdotes, and images
  • Funny: keep your audience engaged with humor
  • Iterate your talk and personalize it for different audiences

Great speeches take practice

  • Tackle stage fright by practicing
  • The night before: scope out the location, ear well, and have a good rest
  • One hour before: check in with your audio-visual tech, confirm with the stage, and cover your bases
  • On stage: start with a hook and keep strong eye contact Engrain public speaking and events in company culture.
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