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The dribbblisation of design

Paul Adams
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The Dribbble community rewards superficial work

  • Too many designers are designing to impress peers.
  • Many produce superficial work to impress Dribbble: they look great but don't work well.

The most important product design work is usually ugliest

  • The best job applicants for product design work send in thought processes, prototypes, or things that use real data.
  • Product design is about solving problems within the constraints of a specific business, not digital art.

Focus on mission, vision & architecture

  • Only after developing a clear mission, vision & product architecture, can you start thinking about other details.

There are 4 layers of design

Designers need to work from the top down. 1. Outcome: what will your design make easier or better for people? 2. Structure: what components are required to meet the intended outcome? 3. Interaction: what are the UI components? 4. Visual: how would the prototype look best?

Frame every design product in a job

  • Focus on the triggering event or situation, motivation & goal, & intended outcome.
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