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The Case for Why Marketing Should Have Its Own Engineers

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Knewton’s Head of Marketing and Communications Robbie Mitchell explains how he devised the in-house agency model, how it has given the company an edge, and why other startups should consider doing the same.

  • Invest in marketing early because product and marketing should grow up side-by-side.
  • Based on market reaction, startups can more easily challenge assumptions and validate product roadmaps.
  • Marketing is about testing what does and does not work and constantly improving.
  • Convince leadership that supporting marketing is fundamental to your startup’s success.
  • Build your in-house agency and in-team technical talent to enable marketing success.
  • Find people who want to sign up to work on marketing stuff from day one.
  • Ensure that everyone knows how to work together in unique ways that are facilitated by accessibility and sincere interest.
  • Ditch the roadmap mentality and track products that are most important to the company’s objectives at any given time which allows for spontaneous substitutions.
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