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A Summary of

The Barry Diller Playbook

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The Big Idea

  • Barry Diller’s one big idea occurred in 1992
  • Diller worked his way to the CEO of Paramount and then went to Fox
  • Switched his focus from media to the Macintosh Powerbook
  • The communion to interactivity between media and computers was seen at a television center in Pennsylvania
  • Started InterActiveCorp

The Making of an “Anti-conglomerate”

  • Targeted acquiring Home Shopping Network by purchasing local network stations
  • Acquired companies outside of media
    • Ticketmaster
    • USA Network
  • The vision that Barry had for all these companies was not to keep them together but have them build apart
  • IAC split itself into five categories
    • ANGI Services, Dotdash, Vimeo, Search, and Emerging

The Playbook: Identity, Accumulate, Spin

  • Identify a market with room to grow
  • Accumulate share
  • Spin out the winners

The Future

  • IAC announced position in MGM Resorts
    • Focused on offline solutions of casinos and online casinos
  • Vimeo
    • Vimeo contributes to 20% of the revenue of IAC
    • Could be undervalued
  • “Search” is the biggest business line from IAC
    • Online gambling search and acceptance will be important for this business line
  • Dotdash
    • While revenues increased over this period because of the pandemic they will continue to have to find ways to innovate afterward to produce a profit
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