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The art of the lazy product manager

Parul Singh
Founder Collective
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High growth startups need to build more, but can't bombard consumers with new features. Be strategic.

Principles of the Lazy PM:

  1. Build the minimum set feature to keep them happy.
  2. Build the right features, not more features.
  3. Focus on Lean Startup Methodology
  4. Focus on selling, not building.
  5. Set sprint targets which force prioritization.
  6. Classify product features, set dollar value, then prioritize.
  7. Aim for clear communication.
  8. Copy what works for competitors if it makes sense for your business. 
  9. Admit failure when necessary and move on. 

Ask yourself

  • What can you build that will help you grow?
  • Is your team doing anything that won't accelerate growth? A path to sustainable and scalable growth matter more than an elegant product.
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