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Tactics in Increasing Signal to Noise Ratio

Sachin Rekhi
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Access to media has increased since the age of the internet, and so have the distractions that come with finding the content you want.

Tips to reduce noise in your own applications

  1. Search
    1. Google is the predominant search option used around world
    2. Users expect keyword search experiences
  2. Search + Filter
    1. Add specific filters that can help narrow your search
    2. The use of filters reduces the additional cognition required to find more precise results
  3. Recommendations
    1. Most people do not know what they are looking for so sites like Amazon provide recommendations
    2. Cookies from other websites can provide recommendations based on past searches
  4. Location
    1. The advent of mobile devices has created a newfound market for precise location services
  5. Realtime
    1. Social media can provide real-time news and information on either products or social efforts
  6. Crowdsourced Ranking
    1. To reduce noise, utilize the popularity of content to rank content
    2. This requires significant network effects
  7. Social
    1. Uses the tastes and interests of friends to enhance filtering and ranking
  8. UI Personalization
    1. Store customer preferences to give users a personalized experience
    2. Youtube, for example, recommends certain videos on a users homepage based on what they have searched for in the past
  9. Threading
    1. Threading provides a continuous conversational feel to emails or a discussion on social media so you do not have to look elsewhere for the same content
  10. Most Recent List
    1. Under the File menu on a computer, this easy to find list can take you back to previous results
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