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JR Raphael
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This week, Google shed a lot of light on the upcoming Pixel phones and some more new Android technology. Here are some of the big takeaways from this week:

3 Things to Know This Week

  1. The Pixel 6 is official
    1. Google has announced that they will be releasing the Pixel 6 and it is going to have a new Google-made processor
  2. Microsoft is improving the Android Keyboard
    1. After buying Swiftkey a few years ago, Microsoft is revamping the Android keyboard with some incredibly seamless features
  3. Google might users utilize multiple assistants on future Wear devices
    1. Google has suggested that users may be able to use different assistants, such as Samsung’s Bixby, on the new Wear devices along with the Google Assistant. 

3 Things to Try This Week

  1. Give Gmail a video-playing upgrade
    1. Use the Simplify Gmail extension to enable video playing within the Gmail website!
  2. Use the hidden video trick on Photos
    1. If you’re watching a video on the Photos app, double-tap anywhere on the screen to zoom into any area of the video
  3. Utilize the new Chromebook Word-to-Text feature 
    1. With the Chromebooks new word-to-text feature, you can convert word to text while using any other tabs or apps!
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