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Stuff I've learned at Microsoft

Sriram Krishnan
Sriram Krishnan
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Ask for forgiveness, not for permission

  • You are better off going ahead and doing something without asking first.

(Most) Screw ups are OK

  • If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. 

Look for the line at your door

  • Be engaged. 
  • If people are not constantly seeking you out for problems or ideas, there’s something wrong.

Code is king

  • Look at the source code and have basic code literacy.

Lone wolf syndrome

  • Don’t lock yourself to code. 
  • Hacking is a creative process. Find out what people are up to. 

Try out stuff

  • Don't let yourself stagnate. 

Pick people over products

  • Cool technologies fade. 
  • Relationships you form with great teammates stick around.

Ask the uncomfortable questions

  • The smartest person in the room is typically the first to say “I don’t know”.

Go say ‘Hi!’

  • Meet interesting people. Learn from them and find out what they’re working on.

Praise in public, pull down pants in private

  • Never criticize someone in public. 

Best things are taken, not given

  • Make the effort to let the right people about your work and contributions.

Don’t be an asshole

  • Most importantly, be nice!
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