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Stoic Revival

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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The Return of Stoicism

  • Stoicism seems to be making quite the comeback, in the sense that people seem to appreciate more and more of what one deprives themself of. Things like...
    • Meditation. The rise of meditation apps has been swift and comprehensive, presenting itself as a unique market opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. 
    • Fasting. The attractiveness of intermittent fasting has risen in recent years
    • Dieting. Similar to fasting, the rise of different types of diets has been sudden, rising in popularity through social media. This has been coupled with the rise of dieting start ups
    • Cold therapy. Made popular through figures such as Wim Hof, cold therapy has had some time in the spotlight. 
  • A third of CO2 emissions appear to have been derived from 20 oil and gas companies, with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco leading the way. This remarkable information makes the case for divestment that much stronger
  • Signs of danger:
    • Mosquitos appear to be getting stronger, according to a new study
    • Worker shortages in the pork industry have led to some pigs reaching immense weights, some even the size of polar bears. 
    • Vaping is extremely hard for users to quit.
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