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Square Started Small and Won Big with This PR Strategy

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Square’s Director of Product Communications and Marketing Khobi Brooklyn shares her tactics for marketing a product to extremely diverse audiences.

Define Your Audience

  • Find and divvy up your core customers.
  • Capitalize on what you know about the people around you.
  • Break audiences into verticals and observe what happens.
  • Testimonials are a powerful strategy when appealing to customers.

Meet the Press

  • Help the reporter understand why it is going to be valuable for them to tell their audience.
  • Meet customers where they live.
  • Build relationships with the right reporters.
  • Do not underestimate the power of the local approach.

Landing Amazing Customer Stories

  • The stories of the success of sellers means success for Square, too.
  • Be careful not to overshadow the stories of people with your product.
  • Show how much you value your customers.

Cultivate New Audiences Further Afield

  • Remember to focus more on communicating directly with even more stakeholders.
  • Identify your different audiences.
  • Tailor your message.
  • Be on the lookout for new audience opportunities.
  • Try to reach as many different audiences as possible with each announcement.
  • Use metrics to monitor which campaigns were successful and where.
  • Be deliberate about the content you produce and share.

How to Scale as Your Company Scales

  • Grow with your customers.
  • Look for new ways people are using your product.
  • Continually test new ways to campaign.
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