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Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Adam MacBeth offers tactics for how tech companies can capture people’s imagination and create truly world-class products.

  • Build an experience, not just a product.
  • Create a software experience that connects multiple aspects of a user’s life.
  • Find real problems to solve because the best ideas live at the boundary between the real world and software.
  • Generally speaking, people need technology that will lower their costs, increase convenience, help them achieve better health, better careers, a better quality of life.
  • Think about the end-to-end experience of using hardware to solve a specific problem.
  • Have software lead your hardware team.
  • Separate engineering and manufacturing functions.
  • Never let a hardware engineer lead the design of a hardware product.
  • The software team needs to take the lead in driving a product’s functional development.
  • Hire generalists with a deep computer science background to tackle any software problem.
  • Clear communication is especially critical when it comes to understanding the physical constraints that will shape your product.
  • Make a list of these constraints, then ask yourself if they are real or surmountable.
  • Ensure everyone is working off the same spec to combat constraints.
  • Do not outsource; instead, choose a partner.
  • Think like a human because to build for humans is to build for all of their daily interactions.
  • The best products remove people’s burdens.
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