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Seven tips for picking your first (or next) job

Nikhyl Singhal
The Skip
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What every college graduate needs to know as they start their career

  1. Don’t optimize for company brand. Instead, focus on company size and stage.
  2. Don’t get too wrapped up in understanding company culture. Instead, ask yourself if the firm is experiencing peacetime or war time. Figure out if you want rapid growth and changing rules or something more stable.
  3. Focus more on the company growth rate rather than the compensation package.
  4. Instead of focusing on who your manager would be, consider the quality and background of your coworkers. Ideally, you want to be surrounded by lots of people at a similar career stage as you, so management has reasonable expectations of you.
  5. Try to think about the location of your next job and how this job relates to it, rather than getting all wrapped up in the location of this job. Try to stay in the same area for a while if you can. This will help with networking.
  6. Don’t ask yourself “How hard will they make me work?”. Ask yourself “How hard can I work?” Try to push 20% harder than the rest of your team. So if you think you can work 50 hours a week, find a company where people work 40 hours a week.
  7. Don’t expect it to be a perfect fit on day one. Rather, shift gears to considering how long you want to stay based on what you’re hoping to get out of the role. Try hard to stay for at least 2 years, and then continue to stay if you are on track for multiple promotions. 
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