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Rare pepe

Fred Wilson
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Rare Pepe is a digital asset collecting game.

Rarepepes are a bit complicated to buy and collect.

  • First you need a Rare Pepe wallet. 
  • You transfer in some Bitcoin from somewhere like Coinbase.
  • You need to buy some Pepe Cash (yet another crypto asset) but only after transferring in some more Bitcoin. 
  • Transfer the Pepe Cash to your Rare Pepe wallet and then you can buy the digital trading cards.
  • Need to spend BTC to send these cards around because that is what powers the Counterparty system. 
  • Publish your Rare Pepe wallet address on Twitter and maybe someone will send you some.
  • Shows the utility of a blockchain in action. You can buy, sell, hold, and transfer digital assets and they have value and are traded for other digital assets (like BTC) in an online global marketplace. 
  • Shows how a game can be built on a blockchain with virtual goods and characters and more.
  • Shows how clunky this stuff is for the average person to use.
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