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Rahul Vohra Shares Superhuman's Product Market Fit Framework

Rahul Vohra
First Round Review
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You can feel when product/market fit (PMF) is happening.

  • Customers are buying the product faster than you can make it.
  • Former definitions of PMF were unactionable, lagging indicators, and for companies post-launch.
  • Finding a quantifiable metric to measure and track led us to being able to systematically increase PMF over time.

Playbook on finding product/market fit →

  1. PMF takes time
  2. Quantify PMF via a single, North Star metric
  3. Structure & execute the user survey process well
  4. Create a highly detailed user persona of the High-Expectation Customer
  5. Focus on delighting a small number of users first
  6. To convert users that are “one-the-fence”, focus on what your fanatic users love the most about your product
  7. Two-pronged product planning approach to move towards PMF — focus on core strengths + address core concerns
  8. For feature prioritization, stack-rank to get to “lowest cost, highest impact” features
  9. Rinse, and repeat…

Simple questionnaire for finding PMF using a leading indicator:

  1. How would you feel if you could no longer use [product]?
  2. A) Very disappointed
  3. B) Somewhat disappointed
  4. C) Not disappointed
  5. What type of person do you think would most benefit from [product]?
  6. What is the main benefit you receive from [product]?
  7. How can we improve [product] for you? The magic number → 40% of responses to Q1 are "Very Disappointed" 100-200 surveyed users is a good target but as little as 40 will give meaningful results.
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