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QR Codes: Cities & Eyes

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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An Introduction to QR Codes

  • Investors see QR codes as the bridge to the future, allowing seamless transactions and interactions
  • QR codes were designed to solve the data storage capacities of barcodes
  • Barcodes are made up of patterns along a single axis, while QR codes have patterns along 2 dimensions
  • Barcodes hold 20 characters while QR codes hold over 7,000

The Use of QR Codes

  • Food and textile companies use them to offer visibility into their supply chain
  • Game designers use them as extra-dimensional puzzles
  • Social media platforms use them as a way to exchange information

The Proliferation of QR Codes Globally

  • Driven by Jack Ma and Alibaba, QR codes are used for a majority of digital payments in China
  • M-Pesa is used in Kenya, South Africa, and 5 other markets
  • In the US, Venmo has a QR code feature so you don't have to type in your friend's handle
  • COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the use of QR codes - the touch-free payment system is widely valued

QR Code Opportunities

  • Beyond use as a payment technology, QR codes could be used widely as:
    • Objects in an augmented reality world
    • QR code ad networks
    • Better information rendering (digital menus as seen during COVID)
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