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Product marketing strategy at a product first company

Matt Hodges
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For a product first company, marketing and product are two sides of the same coin. Neither product nor marketing can excel in isolation.

Understanding the Role of Product Marketing

  • In the new world of SaaS, marketing should be involved at every stage of the funnel
  • PR, demand generation, content marketing, product marketing and events are all key to a product’s long-term success

How to Start Creating Your Product Marketing Plan

  • Step 1: Hire a marketer
    • They communicate to the world what you’re building and why people should care
  • Step 2: Tell customers what you’ve been building
    • A lot of the time, product teams build entire feature sets without telling anyone
    • Focus on highlighting the things people want to do, rather than the feature itself, because people understand the value in doing them

Create Alignment Between Marketing and Product

  • The product and marketing teams must work in synchronicity
    • No matter how great a product is, without the proper marketing it won’t reach its full potential
  • This is not about marketing dictating what product to build, but rather about determining what position you want to hold in people’s minds
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