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Procrastination to Productivity!

Harsh Singh
Thinking Bat
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Almost everyone procrastinates, and many entrepreneurs spend up to half of their workday procrastinating.

  • Procrastination occurs when the limbic system of the brain (which contains the pleasure center) overcomes the prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain determining planning and decisions).
  • The small, immediate reward of procrastinating beats the long-term reward of completing work and having leisure. 
  • Defining tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix helps determine which tasks to do and when.

Eisenhower Matrix approach helps determine which tasks to do when

  • Urgent & Important: complete the task immediately
  • Not Urgent & Important: complete the task by a set upon deadline
  • Urgent & Not important: delegate the task to someone else
  • Not Urgent & Not Important: delete the task or save for last
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